Delivery Rate and Time:

All the products from our website will be delivered directly from Germany to your country. 

1. Only apply for VIETNAM: small orders will be collected and sent in a big Paket to our partner in your country. Our partner then will send your order to your address. Suppliers will handle all the procedure related to custom.

- National Shipping. Please email us when you have any question:

2. International shipping: Your order will be shipped directly from suppliers in Germany to your private address. 

- Receiver must have valid phone number - IMPORTANT. Without valid phone number, DPD could refuse to delivery your paket.

- Paket is free at your place. Goods are cleared at custom with the low value for documents purpose and not for commercial purpose. The value of goods are free of tax at the limitation as per your country regulation. You might have to pay tax when the net value of goods is higher than limitation to get free tax.

- Each paket has tracking number to follow up the routine of goods.

- Information about country, goods can read more at DPD international shipping

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks